About Us

The Directors of EngageConnect; Gordon Shields, Leanne Nearmy and Sue McNamara, have significant experience and qualifications across the humans services sector working with adults, children and youth.

Gordon is a multi certificate registered nurse with over 30 years experience in community services specialising in mental health and disabilities in direct care and managerial roles. He is also a qualified counsellor and experienced educator.

Leanne holds a Bachelor of Teaching and a Masters of Counselling and has worked in education from primary school to tertiary level as an educator and counsellor.  She has also worked in the community services sector and within mental health services. Leanne is currently a Facilitator in Preparation with the Centre for Courage and Renewal.

Sue holds qualifications in secondary teaching and adolescent health and well-being. She has worked in the youth sector for over 15 years and managed a youth health service for 6 years.

Their combination of experience and qualifications produce training that is relevant, practical and engaging.