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Courage and Renewal retreats are based on the work of educator, author Parker J. Palmer and the Centre for Courage & Renewal.

You’ll learn practices to help you:

• Strengthen your resilience and vitality by taking time to reflect on what is next in your life.

• Build your capacity for asking honest, open questions and deep listening so that you can be more present with yourself and others.

• Learn to hold the tensions between what you hope for and what is, and to renew your willingness to work courageously toward what could be.

What to Expect.

In the retreat, skilled facilitators help to create a quiet, focused, and disciplined space—a Circle of Trust®. The Circle of Trust® approach shaped by Parker Palmer and others at the Centre for Courage and Renewal, encourages and enables each of us to listen to ourselves and to others with mindful attention, compassion, courage, and wonder.

In large group, small group, and solitary settings, we will explore the places of transition in our lives, making use of artistic activities, stories from our own journeys, as well as insights from poets, storytellers, and various wisdom traditions. Everything in a retreat is offered as an invitation, not a command.

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