The following Web sites provide free ACT & Mindfullness Resources:

  • ACBS the website for the Association of Contextual Behavioural Science have some free ACT resources and many more available if you become a member
  • ACT Mindfully is the official website for Dr Russ Harris.  It provides some free resources and his many books and CD's are available for purchase
  • 6 ACT Conversations. This audio e-learning program aims to provide RMIT University students with the emotional intelligence skills to support them in: Completing study assessment tasks in a disciplined and stress-free manner; Starting and sustaining enjoyable relationships with their peers and friends; Conducting a meaningful and valued life while studying at University; Participating in group assessment projects in a fulfilling and confident manner; Living a balanced and enjoyable life!

  • Do you like the idea of meditation, but aren’t sure how to get started?

    Join the teams from ABC Radio National Life Matters and ABC Health and Wellbeing as we take a Meditation Challenge and try to bring some inner calm to our frantic lives (especially as the year draws to a close). We know meditation can help you feel less stressed, boost your concentration and improve your sense of wellbeing, but to get the benefits you need to do it regularly.  

  • Smiling Mind is a free, modern meditation program for young people with exercises that can help you reduce stress and relax. It provides an easy to follow program that will help with the three C’s, “clarity, calmness and contentment”. The program is based on techniques that have been proven to work and was created by a group of psychologists who know their stuff when it comes to youth psychology






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